Sensors everywhere?

The world is full of electrical sensors. Each heating system, air conditioning, refrigerator, car, and laptops are full of them. I don’t understand why we don’t use this data source more…

Up to now I identified two possible standards to connect the world. One is a big consortium called Open Geospatial fueled by Google, NASA, and many more companies (see wikipedia). Anotherone is a small project called Pachube .

As this is not enough to connect sensors to the internet infrastructure we need also a embedded electronic and software platform like that from Sentilla.

Hello, anybody out there for Web 3.0

After Web 2.0 looks like almost finished I was dreaming about Web 3.0. I guess then the internet will not only connect people with their PCs and handhelds but nearly every device that can be connected with reasonable costs to the internet. If this is really a future scenario I deceided I’d like to participate actively in Web 3.0.

Hence, what means “reasonable costs”. Mhhm. Looks like this needs more investigation.