Could not resist the Laowa macro 2.5-5.0

… the final conclusion in my last macro article „finally, I will wait for the arrival of the Nikkor Z 105mm Micro S in 2021“. Hence, Nikon did not release any new Z lens the last 7 months! Even though the lens line-up is way behind Sony and Canon mirrorless – what a „§#*+“

Since the (very last) photokina 2019 show in Köln I was aware of Laowa’s exotic lens collection. At their booth I had a look but did not test any lens as I did not have the FTZ for my Nikon Z7 with me. But as there a great videos and articles about macro out there

29 stacked pictures with Laowa 25mm m=4.5 1/200 f2.8 ISO100

You can order your Laowa at their venus optics shop in Hong-Kong or as I did here in Germany via the distributor Brenner and tested the Laowa 100mm macro and this Laowa 25mm in the Photo Universal shop under corona rules. Now, let’s start…

Could not resist the Laowa macro 2.5-5.0 weiterlesen