Documentation C-Control 2 Pachube

Connecting sensors to internet services is not a mirical at all. Here is my tiny example. I use the embedded controller C-Control I Version 1.1 with the starter board from Conrad, three sensors from Conrad, my windows PC, and a service from pachube to feed sensor data in the web.

The system architecture is depicted in this diagram.

A quick view on C-Control and the additional Starter Board. Detailed information about pachube is available on the community server.

Please download the C-Control2pachube source code. Please take care to install the required libraries before you can run the java code:

  1. eeml available at
  2. processing.core library available at
  3. serial port access library which is also part of the processing library
  4. serial run time rxtxSerial.dll which is also part of the processing library

The sensor feed is available online all the time. But you will see valid data only if my computer is turn on.

You can access the pachube feed on the server also. If there is a straight line in all diagrams please have a look at an offline chart from the past. All kinds of pachube output are possbile 😉

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