My new pearl in Africa – Uganda

My last international pre-Corona trip was in November 2019 and I felt free again when we took off to our journey in Uganda, at the end of January 2022. “But the forests of Uganda, for magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life—plant, bird, insect, reptile, beast—for the vast scale and awful fecundity of the natural processes that are beheld at work, eclipsed, and indeed effaced, all previous impressions.” Therefore Winston Churchill concludes with “Uganda is the pearl.” in My African Journey.

Lonely elephant enjoying the Lake Edward water in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
Scenic view close to Kasese, Uganda

Hippos everywhere – “singing Safari songs” all night long 

Nature’s early morning greetings – beautiful hibiscus

But what impressed me most was the energy, positive spirit, singing, and dancing of the young Uganda generation besides the difficult situation people in Uganda face. After almost 2 years of Covid closure of all schools, students were back in the classrooms and commuting on the road everywhere.

Energetic students at Holy Dove school & Leo 😉 in the district Kasese, Uganda
Singing & dancing students at San Martino school in Kyebando, Uganda
„Father Modest“ blessings for more trees in Uganda

We met an „innovative“ tree-planting-initiative (TPI) in Kasese:  Rev. Fr. Modest Masereka Kasenyankwe baptizes children only if their parents have planted 20 banana plants on their fertile land, blessed with lots of sun and regular rain because families were struggling in the COVID-19 lockdown securing enough food.

Marketplaces and mini-shops are everywhere. Both in Kampala, the cities, the smallest villages and along the country roads, and you find everything for living: fresh fruits, street food, life stock, etc. I enjoyed the vivid and colorful shopping experience.


From Africa to Asia: the next blog post is about Indonesia.

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