Definition of web 3.0

There are many discussions and definitions out there which define the term „web 3.0“. I think it is much to early to judge as I can recognize only convergence in technology and who should know what this finally means…

Here are some theses I’d like to share.

First, I believe that today’s millions of embedded software systems and the Internet will get connected. Many people think that Internet invades embedded systems. I see it differently. As embedded systems are much more natural to work with it is the embedded systems replacing PCs and laptops while using the same network infrastructure created for the PCs.

Often people say the web 3.0 is the Internet of things. e.g. this quote „It’s not the documents, it is the things they are about which are important“ from timbl’s blog. Even stronger is the concept of RFID chips in each object of the world. Of course this gives a unique ID to every peace on the planet but how to make use of this.

Other people argue that web 3.0 is all about semantic webs.

I am thinking more like a dualism in web 3.0 of 1. physical objects connected and 2. information about the objects and there connection. Only if objects are somehow accessible in the Internet and semantic meta-data about them is in the Internet the story will work. This gives some heavy philosophical questions. There has been the century long discussion about existence and essence which is strongly linked to the fact what human can observe to be existent. If you put the above bold „and“ literally this would mean a object is only existent if a human can physically recognize it and its semantic meta-information is in the Internet. The latter could even be the essence of the object. If you think this is strange, I have an interesting question: How much of you is physically visible, touchable, or in general sens-able and how much information about you is in the Internet. If you are a very famous person there is a lot information in the Internet. This might even be wrong but has a strong impact on you „physically“. Dualism looks like the right concept for this phenom.

Finally, the development of web 3.0 depends heavily on the societies trust, security, and stay-in-charge needs.  It looks like that you people are very open to share very private information in the web. Older people are much more reluctant. Data security flaws are not new but the impact and the amount of data is much higher today putting much higher risks at stakes. I see this a the wild card in the game.

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